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The child without a name

Look through his eyes if you want to know the darkness of humanity,

And you’ll realise what helplessness means.

Walk by the lanes he wanders everyday to know what hell feels like,

And you’ll experience a sickness that only life can take you through. 

Sleep on his side if you’ve been away from insomnia for long,

And feel the dawn fill his empty stomach twisting out of hunger. 

He may or may not have a house, but you can not definitely call it a home.

You pass by him, sometimes in the form of beggar and sometimes a Labour.

Daily, life goes on for you, but he stays there.

Fed on hunger, raised with poverty, a colourless life, a faceless citizen. 

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The Awesome one…

Ravish my cave whole 

While I taste the ecstasy of his throbbing pleasure. 

Put your fingers deep inside to reach my pleasure spot

While his teeth give my nipples a hard bite.

Rip past my swollen muscles and move your boner to and fro

While his hardness throbs inside my tight hole from the behind.

My hips move back and forth faster than any of your tips are moving

Your heat of love, his aching lust are my equal desire.

As the oblivion of differences fall, it’s hard to decide 

Who makes me moan more and whose movement calms my fire.

 As your bodies collapse into mine, your liquid pouring in my tunnels

I moan loud with the pleasure of your seeds inside me

Crushed between the two bodies, I climax my warm liquid simultaneously 

Wonder! How three bodies become one in this long, rough night.

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And the sun sets every evening, leaving a beautiful dusk behind which eventually turns into the rosy night. The fiery knig which is more powerful than the night gets tired of the fight, a fight of power with his beloved moon. And isn’t it beautiful as to how the one who always loves less has an upper hand. Just Like, Cynthia which loves the majestic king less than he loves her, and, just like the night which just uses the mighty star’s weakness for his companion, the pale princess as a bargain to sweep over the light with his blanket of darkness. The same blanket that the moon is infatuated with, the same darkness that the sun has to let win every sunset.