Feel my breath in your ears

While my bosom hardens as you play with it wild.

Use your digits to caress the folds of my cave 

And reach the clit while it’s still dry

As I swirl my tongue inside your mouth

Feel my warm juice cover your palm

Your body throbbing against mine

I find my skin melting at your touch 

Slowly cover your face around my cave

With your teeth hurts my muscles tight 

As I pull your brows up to my face

My neck awaits a suckling bite

Let me dig my nails on your torso

As your arms pull me wide apart 

To push against my cave’s folds with your lust

And give it’s bare muscles a taste of your liquid desire


3 thoughts on “Desires

  1. I m ur huge huge fan…as i said u before i like the way u expressed ur feelings and play with ur soul….
    This is damn erotic…it could be someone’s reason for night fall…Keep writing and try to express more and more in any subject make it more intense deep.Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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