To survive in this world, we all need to fight. Fight this constant battle of mind in the battlefield of life. Fight a war that stretches till infinity.( And again, we all have our own infinities. For some, it’s just a second long whereas, for others, it pulls on till the end of existence.) In order to fight this never-ending war, we need weapons. And, thankfully I was allowed to choose my weapon.

Since, the very childhood, I was fascinated by beauty and dejected by the idea of war. With ordeal, I realized that not fighting the war is not a choice I can make. The battle is inevitable. And, hence, I wanted to choose a weapon that could preserve the beauty of the world, while, still fighting against it.

Hovering over a wide range of options, I realized that most of the forms of beauty can be destroyed, whether that be a beautiful face or a sculpted furniture. What can not fade away is the beauty of words… carved exquisitely out of my mind’s penance, embedded deep into the soul who would receive it. Burn the books, break my pen… What you can’t destroy is the truth of the moment in which my words are created and the joy of the heart on which they’re used.

And hence, out of all the weapons that sapiens created, I chose mine after much consideration… words. The words which are mine and yet, belong to the world without disappointing me ever.

And I use my words here and then. Against you… Because I know that you’ve fallen for them. Fallen for the moments I say them, with the delicacy I pronounce them. Fallen for my solecist posts. You know, they may not be true to the next moment and yet, you believe my words, because, in the moment wherein, they leave my heart to touch yours, they are authentic to their origins, true to their functions.

And in those moments, I lose my breath a little, fly with the joy on your face and ultimately live with the beauty of my words… The intricate lies spun into moments of truths.

Image courtesy: Divyansh Verma (For more photographs visit instagram at @neverendingfete)